What Goes Never Returns

March 2, 2010

A day come, a day goes. A month comes, a month goes. A year comes, year goes. And so does life! Every time I look back at life, it seems like yesterday! It seems like yesterday that I joined university, but actually, its been two and a half years. It seems like yesterday that my family and I shifted to Pakistan, the time in Saudi Arabia seems like a dream, but its been eleven years since! Why is it that time is surreal in our lives?

Everyone has a timer closed away in a box and all we can hear is the ticking! It can go off any time! But we’ve gotten so use to the ticking that we’ve forgotten all about it! We’re happily living away, as if, immortal! Wake up! Hear the ticking, let it hammer at your head and don’t forget it’s there! It’s a reminder for us that our time may come with the next blink of our eye! Frightening, yes! But it’s the truth, an inevitable truth!


They ask you (O Muhammad (SAW)) about the Hour, – when will be its appointed time? (42) You have no knowledge to say anything about it, (43) To your Lord belongs (the knowledge of) the term thereof? (44) You (O Muhammad (SAW)) are only a warner for those who fear it, (45) The Day they see it, (it will be) as if they had not tarried (in this world) except an afternoon or a morning. (46)

Time is not invisible! It takes its toll on everything including us! It’s so obvious yet we insist on denying it! Its going away and its never coming back! It can’t be stopped! However it can be expanded! How? Value it and it will expand, care for it and it will care for you! Just like a patch of land, if you take care of it, plant trees in it, water it, a day will come when it’ll return the favor, with the brightest colored, juiciest fruit you can ever imagine! It’s a give and take process!

For those who wish to take it for granted, that’s their loss. Time does not care, it’s doing its duty and doing it well! We on the other hand are not! A thought crossed my mind the other day, that time is a relative thing! It’s what we have defined it to be, we could have easily made three dawns and three dusk, one day, or have a day of twelve hours. I was wrong, whether we define it this way or that, the fault is in us, not in how time is defined! We waste time, whether it’s an hour or an entire day! Called it laziness or whatever you please, its the biggest mistake we make, and we make it again and again and again!


“The (Judgment) ever approaching draws nigh: (57) No (soul) but Allah can lay it bare. (58) Do ye then wonder at this recital? (59) And will ye laugh and not weep― (60) Wasting your time in vanities? (61) But fall ye down in prostration to Allah and adore (Him)! (62)”

We’ve all heard saying like, “catch time by the forelock”,”time is of the essence” and the one we can’t forget “time is money”! These words are nothing but the truth!

The day I spend my time to the fullest will be the day I succeed! Even if 90% of my day becomes that well spent I will have achieved! Till then, I pray that Allah give me the determination to struggle towards this goal and lead me to victory! Ameen!



6 Responses to “What Goes Never Returns”

  1. anjum Says:

    impressive 🙂

  2. kdee Says:

    ‘Value it and it will expand,care for it and it will care for you..’ These few words mean alot.

  3. Tariq Says:

    Very insightful on time’s importance to our lives. As per the nature of time itself and how it relates to all existence, I think I will need to set a few things straight but that will require either a very lengthy chat or 1-2 hours of discussions when we meet up next.

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