Drops of Heaven

February 27, 2010

Pure, spotless, uncorrupted, straight from heaven, so to speak! The strong bond between families, the beacon of positive energy! So fragile yet able to change adults from ferocious beasts to sensible mentors. A child is a clear blue sky! Free from clouds, nothing but rays of light! Just like the dawn of a new day, starting its life, free from sin and opinions, and judgements! The stage of being permeable to all which comes its way. Absorbing and growing into its surroundings!

Children are such a charm! One child among a group of grown-ups becomes the center of attention. Everyone feels so relaxed and happy, I guess they know that kids aren’t judgemental like the rest of the world is, so its ok to be one’s self in front of them.

I love kids, they’re such adorable things, delicate and angelic 🙂 The aspect of being sin free is what makes them so harmless. All they do is radiate positivity! There is nothing that can make a disheartened person smile, than the laughter of a child! It’s an antidote for depression! Their innocence pours out of every word they utter. It’s this innocence which protects them from fear. The reason why we’re afraid of snakes, or scorpions is that we know how fatal they can be, but to them is just another moving object, a fascination. To them the world is a fairy tale, where there are only a few evil things, but the rest, it’s all good!  They find refuge in a mother’s arm, they find love on a father’s shoulder! They idealise anyone who makes them happy! Their belief is strong! Their love is unconditional! They value all the things they receive from their loving mother, whether it’s a hug before going to school or a bedtime story!

What an age it is? No worries, no responsibilities, no studies! 😛 Sometimes I wish I could go back to being that small! Not having to face the world, the so very cruel world! Impossible, however, I might be able to enjoy it through the eyes of my children InshAllah!


2 Responses to “Drops of Heaven”

  1. fati Says:

    🙂 loved it..

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