1974 Volkswagen Beetle

February 26, 2010

If there’s one thing I like doing, it’s putting a smile on someones face 🙂 And when that smile is of that from a child, its more fulfilling.

Last summer, my brother graduated and had returned home. A problem that was inevitable was, once he gets a job there will be a problem with conveyance for me, as our time schedule would not match. After looking at a few cars we were in a state of confusion because we were finding it difficult to find a nice ride for a reasonable cost, however due to the inflation in the economy and the ever-growing taxes nothing fit our budget. Then, my father came up with an idea. He said that since summer holidays are right around the corner, why not buy an old Volkswagen Beetle and get that reconditioned. At first I was hesitant as I had no idea whether it would be a car comfortable to drive, because I had never driven one before. We started to look around in the market for something decent. I came across this orange beetle which looked horrendous however I took a test drive, and to my surprise it was quite a thing this Beetle, powerful, sturdy and comfortable. My dad was ready to buy it, he said that we could get it repainted in a month or so after you decide that the car is worth keeping. I was a bit reluctant, but I agreed.

A few days later, I was at home wasting time, as usual, when my phone rang. It was my father and he was calling me to come see this car he had decided to finally buy. The place was a minutes drive from home, so I dashed to see what it was like. Getting off the jeep, I saw this dark blue Beetle standing on the road side. I was really excited. The car dealer handed me the key and my father said ” Go, take it home,” 🙂 I started her up and drove off! It was my first personal car! The feeling was exhilarating! Got home, called my mother to come and take a ride with me. Then I went over to my cousins place and took them for a ride as well!

The next day, I took out some old cassettes to play on the tape recorded which was fit in it! The old songs were so much more fun to listen to in that car! The adventure had begun! Little did I know that it was going to drag its way down the year to November! Running from one place to the other, finding parts; some second-hand, and astonishingly new ones as well! Getting the mechanics, denters and painters to do their work, and properly, was a separate mission all together!

I went online, looked at thousands of Volkswagen Beetles, of all models and colors. Initially, I decided to have a billiard theme for the car. What I had in mind was, making an Eight Ball. Black body, with an eight digit on the roof, and a green interior like that of a billiard table. But as I did my survey on the internet I came across this picture:

The theme was decided, a classic mafia look 😛 A black exterior with an ivory interior! I could visualise it to every inch! I was really excited about what I’d be able to do!

The entire adventure was a learning experience. Taught me patience with workers! Taught me to compromise! Alhamdulillah, I was able to get 90% of what I had expected. There are only a few things left, but it is one hell of a car for me now! I’m really grateful for my fathers infinite generosity! I realised that no other parent of any friend or relative I knew was so loving that he would let his child do so much!

Getting back to where I started…Ever since I’ve taken my bug out onto the road, its been a sign of amusement for the people. Especially the little kids. I take a shortcut to my university everyday, and on the way I cross many primary school children walking to school. They get so happy and amused when they see the car. Some point, some laugh, some even shout out stuff and laugh about it. Even if they’re making fun of it, it doesn’t bother me. As long as I get to see them smile, it’s an achievement for me 🙂 And the funny part is that it’s only the little ones who find it so amusing. Maybe its resemblance to a frog makes them laugh! Well for those of you who haven’t seen it, here she is:

First it was my afro hair, and now its my ride which is a source of a smile 🙂


6 Responses to “1974 Volkswagen Beetle”

  1. mujeeb Says:

    Ah yes!! the mighty 2740 with the unique 1500 decklid!!! keep her safe mate!!!

  2. Babar Says:

    Dude i love your beetle!!!!!!!!

    it made me smile, laugh and u know how excited i was to see ur beetle. Keep it in good hands 🙂

  3. Ishba Shehzad Says:

    Omg! I’d love to have one beetle for myself too 😛

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