February 23, 2010

Contentment is a great blessing. Since my O’levels I had been wanting to go to GIKI for my bachelors. It was my dream! But the day the result of the entry exam came out, it seemed as if my dream had been shattered. I applied in FAST-NU, a place I hadn’t even thought of applying to! Today, its been two and a half years here and I’m happy Alhamdulillah.

It’s not necessary that your dreams are the best for you. It is Allah Almighty who has in store for us the best. There are several reasons why I am content with myself and where I am. I’ve come across so many nice people, inspirational people, people who have made me think in a positive way. I have dozens and dozens of friend, great teachers, of whom I’d like to point out, Mr. Farooq Dar, Mr. Amir Munir, Mr. Azhar Rauf, and Mr. Hasan Kayani. All the others had an impact on me too but these teachers are the ones who made me realise why I came to FAST and did not go to GIKI. What they made me realise was, that life is not only about studying and getting great jobs, there is much more to it! And not only this, Mr. Farooq, may Allah give him happiness till his last breath, he made me realise how much I love this country! The feelings these people put in my heart have changed me!

Had I gotten into GIKI, gotten what I had wanted, there would have been something else that would have come into my mind. A new dream! Then I would start chasing after that, and then another, and then another! As I mentioned in an earlier post “Heart & Mind”, following ones heart is not the way to go about things.

I have many friends who still despise FAST. I guess they haven’t gotten what I have, from it! I feel like a better person, a person with a meaning, a person with a goal! Coming back to the dozens and dozens of friends, it’s not like I wouldn’t have made friends in GIKI, but these friends, they are special to me, every single one. And I thank Allah for them all!

“Thank you guys!” 🙂

Sitting here in front of my computer screen, I’m feeling content. Alhamdulillah I have whatever any happy person wants and more! May the memories of my university life stay with me and help me through the remaining part of my life!

I guess some realities are better than our dreams!


3 Responses to “FAST-NU”

  1. mujeeb Says:

    nicely done man!!! and soo tru!! good job (Y)

  2. Kazim Says:

    mayn, you are good at blogging … I am proud of you

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