Heart & Mind

February 21, 2010

Why is it that whatever we are forced to do, our heart doesn’t accept it? If there’s a compulsion then there is always something else one wishes to do. Whereas if that same thing is done without compulsion your heart never feels that way! Really odd! I’m having examinations these days and I feel like doing everything other than studying! But before they came along I didn’t mind studying. And this is the case with all other duties.

That’s why it is said that you should not listen to the heart. It is the mind which has to become the master of your heart! Its physics, Newtons 3rd law: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, you apply force on it to do something and it opposed it! The heart must say, “I’m doing you a favor by keeping you alive, don’t bother me with other stuff!” 😛 But all of it makes sense. A baby, has an undeveloped mind, so it’s all heart! You stop it from something and that’s the only thing it wants to do!

That’s why it is essential for you to develop the discipline to administer your heart with the mind! Letting the heart make decisions can lead to havoc! It is necessary that you make logical conclusions before jumping into anything. This way, you are able to keep all realities in front of you and assess the pros and cons of the situation at hand. A mind and heart in-sync are very powerful! Together they make the best team, alone they are nothing! Another beautiful example I just thought of, the horse! The horse in reins is what lead to the discovery of its potential, before that it was just a four-legged animal!


So are you ready to unleash your true potential?


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