A New Experience!

February 17, 2010

I was wondering what I would write today, was getting really confused. The stress of the upcoming examinations where becoming a hinderance to my thought process! Just a while ago I encountered an incident which made my mind ignite with ideas 🙂

The world is full of all sorts of people. Young and old, strong and weak, mature and immature, and the list goes on. But what I noticed today was the difference between a mature and immature person. The one I dealt with was definitely mature. And you know why? That person wasn’t hasty, wasn’t insecure and was in control of the situation. What could have been an argument that could have easily turned into a fight, was tactfully handled. Listening to what I had to say, thinking about it with a clear mind, and then assessing it. Instead of being arrogant and insensitive, I got a response totally opposite to what I was expecting. I was putting forward a complaint about that person’s attitude and thought maybe I would get an answer which would seem like what ever I was saying was unreasonable and that I was over reacting. But what I got in return was an apology, and a reasonable clarification and an acceptance of the mistake made! It was really refreshing, because all the other times I’ve had an argument with people, especially those of my age, always ended up in a fight, and loose end were left. This time the person I was in a conversation with was mature. And now I’m feeling very pleased to have actually gone forward with my complaint. Had I not, I wouldn’t have learnt this difference.

Life is a learning process all the way to the grave. But there is one condition! You have to keep in mind that what ever is happening to you, its teaching you something new. What I’ve learnt today is that you can’t generalise about peoples attitudes. All the factors, such as, age, gender, marital status and background matter. Why someone is the way they are is because of these things having their positive or negative effects on them! So next time, before jumping to any conclusions, I hope I take these things into account.

Every time you open your eyes, try to look at the world with another perspective. You’ll definitely see things that were in front of your face but you never noticed them before! 🙂


2 Responses to “A New Experience!”

  1. kdee Says:

    Well said,at times we do tend to make hasty judgments abt others while the they turn out to be quite generous.

    …Once in a while,in life,we should slow down our pace to look around because what we want might be lying right infront of us

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      After two days my mind is actually feeling in order now. Seriously, I can feel the change, physically. First I felt as if there were knots in my head. One thing I think I should start is, meditation…a little while…just before I blog.

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