February 15, 2010

Have you ever thought why, whatever emotion we have, we feel it in the heart? The organic function of the heart has no relation with our emotions. But there is one invisible thing present in our hearts, which keeps it beating…the soul. It is the very thing, which gives birth to these feeling. Don’t you think so?

Isn’t it just amazing how things work, SubhanAllah! It never stops, our heart! It keeps pumping and pumping, be it day or night! It’s where dreams begin and where they end! Have you ever felt happy or sad right after you wake up from a dream? I have, and its like you were actually there! And its the good ones which are the best because when you recall them throughout the day they make you smile. What a blessing these dreams are! It’s this machine which pushes us towards success, pulls us out of the storm of dismay and give us the energy to move forward! It’s the size of our fist, and see how it has changed the world! Had the philosophers, scientists, revolutionaries not had a heart which did all this we wouldn’t be where we are today! And not only them, but their followers too, their love kept ideas alive, proved theories, and brought about revolutions! SubhanAllah!

But balance is important and therefore, unfortunately, the heart can also be a source of pain, anguish, and disaster! When the heart sinks into a swamp of negative emotions there’s now way to pull it back out! Unless it’s still floating up top. It’s sad, but its the way of Allah, no questions asked! I’ll repeat this as many times as I have to that there is a reason for everything, whether we like it or not! Allah, please keep our hearts at a safe distance from this swamp of negativity. I wouldn’t even want to see my enemy in such a state! It’s a terrible place to be, and I’ve seen people there, and my mind is scarred with stuff which have stolen a part of my youth!

Alhamdulillah, for my emotions, for my heart, for my family and friends who accepts me for who I am! May all our hearts have the strength required to face this world boldly! Ameen!


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