February 11, 2010

This is a piece I wrote a few years ago, when I was in school.

Another aspect of life we learn in our academic life is judging people! It’s no subject or extra curricular but it’s a thing we learn every moment we spend in school! Children from all kinds of backgrounds and upbringings gather together in one compound where they interact, understand, and teach each other! Through experiences, events, and just general chit chatting!

Through the years you either become good friends, bitter enemies or just class fellows who were just there!

There are many kinds of people in this world! And in order to judge these people you should view them with different perspectives before coming to any conclusions! Doing that would be unfair to that individual, as you are not giving him or her the chance to display him or herself completely!

Some humans are like transparent plastic bags…these people are the easiest to judge! This is because they are so open and clear that their personality is everywhere around them and not to deep inside of them! The others might cover up some things but if you just turn the bag around you’ll be able to see those things!

These certain individuals are the more friendly type but their friendship is shallow or should I say temporary! This is because they open up too quickly and before you know it everything about them is in front of you and there’s nothing to look forward to! They might contain some qualities, which last long, but being kept in a thin plastic bag they are sure to get lost or damaged.

While others are like packed boxes! You don’t know what’s inside them and you are anxious to find out! However some of these boxes are wrapped in fine tissue paper and have to be opened gently! You have to undo each fold one by one! This way you will avoid damaging what’s inside it! If on the other hand you mishandle it, things might just get worse! Some of the boxes might just open up by un-taping them! And some might already be lying open!

The ones wrapped in tissue paper are generally the more sensitive ones and need a little pampering! That is probably because they are too delicate from the inside or they are just fancy from the outside! Although it might be annoying at first but usually it’s worth the effort!

The taped ones just need the swipe of a sweet word or thought to cut open! These kind of people are usually the ones who we meet only once in our life at a bus stop or in a line of a supermarket!

And the open ones are probably empty or full of unnecessary things! This is because they have either been misused or just weren’t worth keeping intact! These boxes are some times more of mysteries than they might seem!

But the people I really feel sorry for are the ones who are like bank lockers! They only open up when they are needed! They never get a chance to express themselves and so people tend to them only when they are required! They might have very precious qualities but they don’t come out often!

These bags, boxes and bank lockers all have stories behind them! And it is not necessary that they be used in their respective ways! Some might just take the place of the other two containers!

However, we have to come across these people some time in our lives! Knowing how to judge them comes handy once we get into our professional life!


2 Responses to “People”

  1. Ishba Shehzad Says:

    I can relate this post to people i’ve known recently and it gave me a much broader view of my dealing with people 🙂

    PS: Never stop writing, your posts are worth reading 😉

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Thank you so much!
      I’ve discovered the beauty of blogging! We’re helping one another in finding solutions to our problems! Writing them is a healing proccess all together and reading them makes one feel that they are not alone in their world of thoughts 🙂

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