February 10, 2010

I ran across to the right side of the court, took a leap and threw the ball towards hoop…next thing I know…I’m lying on the floor with pain shooting up to my head! It felt like my entire body was numb except for the foot I landed on or should I say the ankle I landed on! I was lying on my back as a friend pulled me up and helped me to the side to sit. The intense pain started to subside but I could hardly walk. I limped towards the cafeteria to get something to drink, and on my way there, my other friends who were playing soccer came to help me!

The pain made me think of the things which would get difficult for me to do…I had to drive home…I had to say my prayers! But with the name of Allah, I took a few deep breaths and said to my self, I’m a GHAZI, a warrior! I can face a sprain in the ankle…Ghazi’s fight wars…they are heroes, they don’t give up! My parents didn’t name me Ghazi for no reason…I wasn’t going to sit and wail about it! And through out the day, everytime the pain would travel through my body I would keep telling myself the same thing! I’m a Ghazi, I’m a Ghazi, I’m a Ghazi!

The pain was intolerable at times, however, I wasn’t worried or sad about it! I knew that it’s all for a reason. The best one that kept me smiling, was that my bad deeds were being washed away! I did, stop to ponder over the sins I had committed for which this cleansing was required, but nothing big came to mind. Nevertheless, we are sinful people and even when we don’t know it, we’re doing some wrong or the other!

Pain is a good thing! Pain is life! The pain I was going through made me feel alive! Had there not been pain, how would we realise the blessing of health? We would just go on living our lives like inanimate objects! Pain is one of the most meaningful emotions! It is what makes people do good deeds, it is what makes relationships, between one another, stronger! The heart aches, when you sees people suffering, and to deal with it you try to help, or at least care for them! A friend or relative you’ve experienced pain with or for, is more valuable to you than others. They know what you’ve been through as they’ve been through it too!

I said it before and I’ll say it again! Everything, be it good or bad, happens for reasons unknown to us! Had I not twisted my ankle today, I wouldn’t have sat here telling you what pain means to me!

Advice to anyone in pain: Take it with a pinch of salt, it’s never that bad!


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