My Pakistan

February 9, 2010

Born away from this land…I was happily living my childhood in a place I thought was my real home! I wasn’t and I’m glad is wasn’t! My land…PAKISTAN…IS MY HOME!

Time is the best teacher….In life one comes across different phases and each one has its distinct mark on life! Whether it be leaving my birth place, or losing relatives, or not being able to go to the university I had always dreamed of going to, Alhamdulillah it made me a better person! Allah’s guidance and His love has kept me going and I pray that this feeling, this thought, never leaves my heart! Had things been different in my life, I would have definitely been a different person!

It was my last night at Riyadh…lying on the mattress, my heart ached! I wept and wept, and remember trying to grab hold of the carpet below….trying to be as close to the place I loved the most, as I could. My mind…my tiny mind…all it could think of was the loss I was going through! I say with a smile on my face now that Allah, He loves me! Why on earth would He do something to hurt me! He was sending me, to were I belonged!

Today, the past, Riyadh, its just a dream! A sweet dream but not the reality that lies ahead of me! Pakistan needs me, needs my sweat and blood, as it did when it was coming into being! I think of how one man was able to do so much. Create a country! Doesn’t seem like something anyone could possibly do! But it happened! Why? Because Allah wanted it to happen! The plan of the british was trumped, the plan of the Hindus was trumped, and even Quaid’s plan was not carried out…only that which was ment to be, was created! This land, this beautiful land was separated for us to live in it and love it! Care for it, and not run away from it! To make it a better place, to nurture it into the best places on earth!

What did we do!? Why did we take it for granted!? Allah doesn’t like ungrateful people! He made it, and can take it away in a blink of an eye! Even saying this is like a punch to my heart, right in the middle! Makes it stop! What don’t we have which makes us find other places to go to? For God sakes, people! We have everything! The four seasons, all sorts of terrain: mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, deserts, a coast, minerals, oil, gas, and how can I forget the fertile land! The one that produces the best cotton in the world, the best fruit in the world, the best everything in the world! The people here are hospitable, loving, caring! Oh and the best part! THE FOOD! Biryani, chicken karahi, aloo gosht, chapal kabab, pakoras, samosas, halwa, gulab jaman, parhatas….

My Pakistan, the most enigmatic place on the face of this earth, the place of peace! The people who have read the blog entries of my trip to the northern areas know that i feel, if there is a sneak peek of paradise in this world, its in Pakistan! And I was blessed with an oppurtunity to go there and absorb its essence!

It’s my strong belief that a day will come, when this nation will rise to the top! And the materialistic people of the world will come running to find success here…they will get it… and there will always be more… it will not finish! INSHALLAH!

Victory lies in the hearts of those who are pure in body and soul!




4 Responses to “My Pakistan”

  1. fati Says:

    i strongly agree with the point that
    Revival is coming up
    inshaAllah… soon will come the day when every citizen of Pakistan would be literal.. here by this i mean not the academic literacy but the literate hearts and literate thoughts…
    inshaAllah the day will come (=

  2. ghaziaitizaz Says:

    Always remember…Allah loves us….more than the love of 40 mothers!He will protect us and give us the best!

  3. Tariq Says:

    Good one Ghazi, I can see the proverbial ‘coming of age’ in your case. Just make sure you retain the constructive outlook you have supported by your strong faith.

  4. ghaziaitizaz Says:

    “I pray that this feeling, this thought, never leaves my heart! ”
    Thanks Tariq uncle 🙂

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