February 8, 2010

Before you do anything open this link in another window/tab and then read! >>Sound of rain and thunder

The days of winter were flying by! And every passing day made everything around me drier and drier! I had a very frightening thought that maybe our deeds were pulling us towards a drought! Just a few days earlier, I was reading a novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and in it there was a drought in Afghanistan! Reading that made me more uncomfortable! The plants were dying, the animals looked exhausted and everywhere I looked, there was dust, fine dust! Even in the air, there was a dirty mixture of pollution and dust! Looking towards central Islamabad from my university campus all I saw was thick murky grey clouds of pollution! And every time I would yearn for rain!

I love the rain! I couldn’t think of not writing about it! Rain is something which brings a change! It cleans the air! Makes everything look new! Before I go on about how I feel when it rains, I just want to state the obvious reasons for its importance! The news was going on and on about how the level in the damns was getting lower and lower, how the crops where dying and that the upcoming seasons would be ones with insufficient wheat! The vegetables, fruit and even the dry fruit was not the way it should have been! Not to forget, everyone was coughing, sneezing, having head aches! Why wouldn’t they, all the germs were happily floating around, and without the rain they weren’t planing on going anywhere! It was in everyone’s heart, that our deeds were bringing all this upon us, however, everyone found it easier to point fingers, at someone or the other!

Just yesterday, as I was leaving Lahore, on my way back home from a long weekend, it started to rain! The sky looked promising, and all I hoped was that the rain would go on and on! All the way back home it rained! I was thrilled to bits!Calmness engulfed me as I took deep breaths of the cold rainy air! After dinner, I opened the balcony door and walked out to enjoy the weather! My breath suddenly became visible! The sound of the rain was like enchanting music, and the slight breeze that accompanied it was very complementary! The jute-woven bench squeaked as I sat down. I could smell the damp earth and it was more refreshing than any perfume I had ever smelt! I sat back and watched the drops come down from the sky and tried to absorb the moment! Water trickled down the leaf-less grape-vine outside my balcony. Strands of silvery lights hung in the air, as the street light reflected off its wet branches! It looked magical!

In the morning it was still raining! I got ready and left for university! It’s the first rain for my new old car (the VW beetle a.k.a Foxy) and I really enjoyed the drive, although the only direction I could see was forward! The unique heating mechanism of this car is mind-blowing! The air that cools the engine gets warm, and dont worry that warmth is not wasted, the air collects over the engine, and is channeled into the car! When I would pass through water I would smell steamy air coming from the vents. It made me feel really cozy! 🙂 As it is an old car there is no heat lines in the rear window and hence it was all fogged up, and so were the rest of the windows. I had to constantly wipe the windshield to keep the road in sight 😛 I finally reached university and parked. As I stepped out of the car I felt the rain hit against my face! I saw people dashing for shelter but I on the other hand, put my face up and let the rain roll down as I walked towards the building!

Allah, thank you for the rain! Thank for forgiving our sins and blessing us with this gift 🙂


4 Responses to “Rain”

  1. Tariq Says:

    I think I should get you a decent camera to capture all the sights you go around feeling so deeply 🙂

    By the way, the foxy, it’s hell of a car. You are so lucky to have a car like that at this age.

    • ghaziaitizaz Says:

      Well although I dont have much of a camera except for my phone! I’m as in love with photography as I am writting! Most of the pictures I upload on facebook are from my phone 😛
      And Alhamdulillah for my foxy! Its a very comfortable ride! God bless my generous father! I havent seen anyone’s father, from among my friends who is like this and I cant be grateful enought to have such a father! 🙂

  2. jia Says:

    i want more rain now!!! =(

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