February 3, 2010

The enchanting sound of the violin enters my ears and as it reaches my heart I feel the peace and tranquility of a child being rocked to sleep in his mothers arms! The mellow tune of Aufbruch, a song by Schiller, is something that I heard long before. But today…sitting in a cafe…I herd it again! I had forgotten the name but I knew I loved this song a long ago! I thought I’d ask the man at the counter before leaving but as the next song came on from the same album I remembered which song it was…and was getting impatient to get home and put it on…on repeat! 🙂

I close my eyes and let the music soak into me! It has a chinese touch to it! It reminds me of a movie I saw a few weeks ago, The House Of Flying Daggers! Passing through a bamboo forest, early in the morning, just after dawn! The mist is rising from the earth and finding its way up to the sunlight! “KOOOEEE!” A bird shouts as it pops its head out of a nest right above me! It’s the signal that alerts all the other birds that the day has begun! From the left, then from the right, and then from all corners of the forest the chanting begins! Flawlessly, the orchestra fills the forest with its presence!

The rays of light start to pierce through the mist, I see hope! The sun shows me hope! It’s a new days! A fresh start for me…the sorrows of the night have been swept away by the birth of light! I make my way to the clearance…and from their my flight begins! Swooping over the yellow fields and towards the mountains I travel! Over rivers and forests I fly! Today I will survive, I will fight, and I will succeed!

There are days when people find themselves lost in hopelessness, they see no way to find peace! All they see around them is grief! But it’s when the sun comes up the next day, when those who have a smidgen of hope left, find that it is Gods gift, this new day! A chance to change things, leave what happened yesterday behind and use this opportunity to start fresh! Let the rays of the sun pull you up, let them give you the energy you require to face the day with strength! Absorb enough so that when during the day you come across any sort of hardship you can use it to break through all barriers and show yourself, not the world, but your own self that there is nothing you can’t do! Allah has given us everything we need to survive and He will keep giving us more! But it is our duty to understand this and use our abilities to make this world a better place by making ourselves better human-beings!

Use these abilities wisely!


May Allah bless you all with the wisdom He wants to see in us!


3 Responses to “I SEE HOPE”

  1. Imran Says:


  2. kdee Says:

    I find this particular entry one of the best you have written.This is something I love reading again and again.It is brilliant 🙂

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