My Voice

January 30, 2010

Today I realize that I’m behind a curtain of electrical components and signal. I am only comfortable and confident talking to people, telling them about my feelings and emotions through the thing we call technology. It’s a barrier between me and the actual world in which people talk using the gift of the voice. Moving their tongues instead of their fingers, to express themselves. It’s sad how this has turned out because I have a lot inside me that I would really like people to know about and influence people with. But through this mode of interaction maybe the only way I will be able to do it is by writing a book. I don’t want my ideas to be voiced by people who don’t actually feel what I am feeling. They will never be able to do justice to it.

I have to face this problem, face it with the gift of my voice. Be confident with every syllable I utter! Tell the world the great ideas I have. Express it to them the way I feel it inside me! What an amazing effect it will have on them is a mystery for me as I have never actually experienced it! Looking at the expressions on their faces will be like looking at a room full of paintings each having its own meaning.


4 Responses to “My Voice”

  1. spotlesssoul Says:

    Ermm =) Interesting.

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