January 30, 2010

Being young is when you can let things pass through you. Refresh your memory and not keep thoughts locked up in your head. Everything is so clear when you aren’t exposed to the realities. Life is so simple. Nothing to lose and everything to gain! Its happiness is ever lasting and its sorrow last for a blink of an eye. Time passes with every moment so valuable and every emotion so pure! Our world is not what this world is. It’s a world where evil is just make-belief! Dreams are more of a reality!

As much as we wish, that world is just as fragile as a dandelion! One blow of reality and it’s all gone. With most of us, the breeze is light and we lose it seed by seed. But for some it’s just a single blow! Reality makes us bare, just like the wind does to the dandelion. Our mind is now vulnerable, to that which was make-belief to us.

Now thoughts stick to us like bugs, eating away at us, making us weak! Faith, our defense! It fights, fending them off one by one! But is it strong enough? How long will it last? Do we have to do something to keep it going? Who, ever thinks that we need to give it back-up? We need to! It is getting weak and we have to do something before it’s too late!


2 Responses to “Faith”

  1. fati Says:

    i am the first one to comment here :p if i am right 🙂 may your passion for writing keeps on grooming your thoughts more and more every day.

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